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Dizzi is giving back to our bartenders!

Here is your chance to support the people that make us happy, listen to our stories, make us feel special, and let's be honest...put up with our shit!

As decade long hospitality owners, we have done everything from sweep the floors, fix the toilets, clean the tables, prepare the food (not in that order) and sling drinks behind the bar.  There is nothing more sacred than a relationship gained from being or knowing a good bartender and sitting across from them.  We all have our favorites and we go back again and again because of them.  

DizziBrands has taken some quiet time to reflect on this relationship over the past few weeks because not only do we miss seeing them, supporting them, and getting that special drink that only they know how you like it to taste...but we have heard WAY TOO MANY STORIES OF THEM BEING LET GO OR FIRED for no fault of their own.  So instead of sitting idley by, we decided to step up and hire as many bartenders as we could from Dallas to Ft. Worth to Austin to Houston and all points in between where we sell our products.  Then a star was born!

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