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Vanilla Bourbon

Lickable Liquors

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Cookies & Cream

Vanilla Bourbon

Our most popular recipe for a reason!  Creamy, smooth and rich, it's got that delicious old fashioned vanilla ice cream feel blended with smooth Kentucky bourbon that come together to make culinary magic.  Pure deliciousness. 

A boozy version of this classic ice cream is filled with Whipped Cream Liqueur and Irish Cream which adds a tasty  vanilla hint along with a kick in every bite of creamy goodness.  Crispy chocolate and vanilla wafers crumbled in every bite.

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Bananas Foster

Mint Chocolate Chip

Premium Vodka and Peppermint Liqueur married with thinly shaved chocolate create a refreshing, creamy, homemade mint ice cream with chunks of heaven wrapped with mint and chocolate that is not mild in the slightest.

This is our strongest ice cream we make and the flavor backs it up!  Think swirls of spice rum, chunks of buttery banana and crunchy caramel chips within a creamy homemade vanilla ice cream. Is there a better way to make bananas even better…we think not!

When you were a kid, you couldn’t have enough sugar, could you? Oh it was perfect. Ice cream FOR everything and ice cream WITH everything.  And then you grew up.  Unfortunately, that’s what happens to everyone.  You start going to work earlier.  You stop going out as much.  You stop making memories and sometimes stop having fun.




Well, you “grew up”. You’re a responsible adult now. You “follow the rules”.  We are here to help bring back your inner child, back when you didn’t have a care in the world.  A single flavor that could take you there.  It's time to break the rules...

DizziBrands wants to put a bit of fun back in your life by creating something special.  We created DizziCream!  Delicious ice cream flavors infused with a full shot of alcohol in every scoop to create a treat that takes you back, but also gives you a taste of today’s fun. 

So try it out here to remind you life is to be enjoyed, even if you “grew up”. Taste and long as you are over 21 that is!

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